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5 Things To Know If You Are Considering Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can make your skin look smooth and flawless, but it is important to understand the benefits and risks of dermal filler injections before committing to treatment. So, how do you know if you need dermal fillers and should you consider them? There are five important things to know if you are considering dermal fillers.

1. You should get dermal filler treatments from a medical professional

Dermal fillers are made for facial use only, which means that the dermal filler product itself will need to be injected into your face by a medical professional like an MD(doctor) or DO(doctor of osteopathy). If you receive dermal filler injections in your body parts other than the face or get dermal filler injections from unlicensed providers, there could be significant negative consequences.

2. There are many dermal fillers on the market

There are many dermal fillers available today, each dermal filler with its own benefits, side effects, and properties. The dermal fillers also vary in price; you will need to choose a dermal filler that best suits your budget and your personal preferences.

3. Dermal fillers don’t last forever

Dermal fillers do not last forever. You may begin to notice results immediately after treatment, but for dermal fillers to be effective they must be re-administered at least once per year. If you stop dermal filler treatments, the effects will wear off over time, causing collagen tissues that were filled by dermal filler injections to return to their natural pre-injection state.

4. There are dermal fillers with long-lasting effects

There are dermal fillers on the market that can last longer, even up to three years or more. However, dermal fillers with long-lasting effects also tend to be more expensive.

5. Dermal filler treatments are not cheap

Dermal fillers are not cheap, with dermal fillers costing on average $500-$1000 per syringe of dermal filler injected. However, dermal fillers can be broken up into smaller units to reduce the cost of dermal filler injections for you. Many dermal fillers can be split into units that are ¼ or ½ the size of a typical dermal filler injection at the time of administration.

If you are considering dermal filler treatments, talk with your dermatologist about what type of filler is right for you. For more information on dermal fillers, speak to your doctor today!

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