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Lice Return To Classrooms: Symptoms And How To Deal With The Lice

Not only do children return to school: lice, those undesirable insects that populate the heads of the little ones, also return to classrooms. Lice are insects that live between the hair, and they are about two millimeters long; they are gray, they do not have wings; They feed on the blood they suck from the scalp when they bite people and reproduce quickly.

Each female is estimated to lay one hundred to three hundred eggs, called nits, which are white and firmly attached to the base of the hair. It takes seven to ten days for the egg to hatch and the larva to develop.

To prevent this problem according to Lice Doctors San Bernardino, CA, it is essential not to wait for the first cases of parasites to appear before acting; Parents must be alert from the beginning of the course, closely and periodically observing their children’s heads and treating them, if necessary, effectively.


The main symptom of the parasitization is the itching of the scalp, caused by the irritation of the saliva that the insect deposits in the small wound from the bite that it makes to suck the blood with which it feeds. The irritation becomes so intense that scratching can cause skin peeling and bacterial infections.

To remove nits, it is enough to rinse the hair, after washing it, with a mixture of water and vinegar, and then brush it with perfect teeth and remove them with your fingers.

The combs and brushes must also be properly cleaned with the same antiparasitic preparation, and the affected person’s clothing items can be washed with boiling water.

On the other hand, it is essential that, in schools, all parasitized students are treated simultaneously since infections can occur between affected children not yet treated and children already treated by Lice Doctors San Bernardino, CA.

How To Deal With Lice

  • Use an antiparasitic that contains 1 percent permethrin (better in cream or gel).
  • Apply it for 30 minutes to dry hair before washing with regular shampoo and repeat the operation two days in a row at night.
  • After washing, remove the nits (with a comb and hand).
  • Wash all the affected person’s clothes, bedding, stuffed animals, towels, etc., in the washing machine, with detergent and boiling water.
  • Wash the combs and brushes with the same antiparasitic, leaving them
  • to soak for an hour (they must be your own and not shared).
  • Carry out a new application of the two-night treatment seven or ten days after the first administration.

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