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Guide to understanding the cannabinoid chart

A lot of people have heard about CBD and its products in the market but do you have any idea what cannabinoid chart is? It is ideal you keep up with chart because that is the best way you can track the new CBD compounds that are being discovered and introduced to the market. Just like the periodic table of elements, the cannabinoid chart is filled with letters to represent a substance, and lots of substances to learn about with key differences from one another. In this text, expect to learn basic terms that lead to understanding different types of cannabinoids and how they work.


The compound CBN is a cannabinoid which is not intoxicating but has been synthesized from aged THC compounds. Since THC amplifies the drowsiness experience in the compound, you can use it to tackle insomnia or other sleep related problems. The CBN and THC collaboration is the factor responsible for the drowsiness or sleeping effect in the compound. Its effects range from mild sedation, stimulating one’s appetite and event getting neuroprotection needed. The benefits you can get from CBN or cannabinol include acne fighting, alleviating depression, fighting insomnia and also breast cancer fighting attributes.


This is and has been the famous compound of marijuana that people know for its psychoactive effects. Tetrahydrocannabidiol is legal in a few countries but mostly banned for use in many others. Its effects include improving appetite, making people sociable and also the anti-inflammatory capabilities cannot be ignored. THC has successfully been used for treatment of several conditions like insomnia, nausea, pain, breast and other forms of cancer and migraines.


This is also called the cannabigerolic acid and is considered the mother of all other cannabinoid that people know of today. Though not psychoactive, most of the other cannabinoids are formed from it including THC. After decarboxylation, the product may depict psychoactive tendencies in users since it produces not just THC but also CBD, CBC and CBG compounds. Like all other cannabinoids, it has effects when used and the effects range from pain relieving ability, stimulating appetite and also anti-bacterial properties. In the medical industry, different cardiovascular diseases can be treated using the component and common disorders like diabetes, depression, Parkinson’s and even Alzheimer can be alleviated using the compound.

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